Vans Shoes – For New Generation

Vans shoes are a leading company specializing in the manufacture of footwear with its branches in America, Europe and Asia. The company has an interesting history. It started in March 16, 1966, when Paul Van Doren, who then owned a manufacturing rubber, set up a shoe store, shoes vans with three other partners, hence the name VAN’S “means with Van. The company was unique because the shoes were sold the same day they were manufactured.

The store sold 12 pairs of shoes the first day and the shoes are known as Faith’s shoes. Vans shoes, some changes in 1980 when they branched to produce shoes for different sports such as basketball, soccer, etc. a certain point in time was also seen as the corporation itself as seen in debt that had gone bankrupt, but its producers paid creditors and vans shoes were back on track for 3 years. The company was sold after a certain time and has been since changed ownership several times, the final change comes in the year 2004.

Vans trainers shoes are their clients across three continents, America, Europe and Asia. The corporate website is the best place to find great variety of shoes available. Vans Shoes has always maintained the personal touch in place will do the best part to buy shoes for vans is that you get to design their own shoes, with the addition of custom vans on their website in 2004. The choice is between three styles of shoes: ERA, Slip Ons and Old School. Once you’ve made your choices about the style of shoes to buy the customer is directed to another page in which the sex of the shoe should be given to the next page is where is the sun. We got to design every part of the shoe starting with the eyelids to the language of the final color of the shoe.

“Vans has expanded to sell clothes with an impressive range of t-shirts and shorts and the like. The company also offers funky accessories like bags, backpacks, hats, wallets, scarves, armbands, and more. The company was part of the allocation function wrap-up since 1995. Sean Penn gave the shoes to customers worldwide since he was in the youth cult movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

Best Ways to Collect and Store a Survival Cache

When building up a survival cache always keep in mind the original purpose of the cache in the first place. Some people stock up on food and other household items, but money is the most common item.

Money is compact and easy to hide but paper money is not the best choice because of its durability and a few bank bags full of quarters is impractical and hard to handle. The solution to this problem could be to purchase gold and silver coins.

When you are buying gold coins, be sure they are of a style and design that is highly recognizable to the average person. If there is a situation where the local currency is no longer being accepted, you do not want to have the added problem of explaining to the butcher your gold coin from Bolivia or France is good.

I personally buy the 1/10 and 1 ounce currently minted U.S gold coins. They are not a collectors item, and they are probably the most recognized gold coin just after the Rand.

Be sure to have a good mix of both sizes so you don’t need to travel around with more than you need.

When buying silver coins, I buy bulk U.S. coins from dealers. They do not have a premium and are very recognizable. Most of the bigger coin dealers will have a couple hundred pounds of bulk coins on hand. The U.S. silver coins minted in 1964 or before are 90% silver and a standard in the industry. I personally only buy dimes and quarters because there can be some confusion with the purity of half dollars. After 1964 they contained 40% silver for a time.

Now that we have the best way to collect up the contents of your cache, we need to figure out where to hide it.

To do this properly you will need at least two underground safes that are specifically designed to hide things in the ground. One of them will be for permanent storage and the other will be the one you access from time to time until it gets full. Of course, when it gets full it will automatically convert over to a permanent storage and you will need another underground safe.

Your survival cache must be buried in the ground and in a location under your control. A safe deposit box is not safe at all and they are not easily accessed especially after hours.

There are many threats to your savings; taxes and thieves are just the start.

A safe in your home can just be a temptation and if you are on vacation long enough, someone will eventually get it open. Those soup cans and other small hiding places designed to look like a common item do not work either. Most thieves know something is “fishy” when you have two cans of shaving cream at your bathroom sink.

An underground safe is out of sight and out of mind. Underground safes are not just safe from criminal elements but also from most disasters such as a house fire and any type of weather conditions.

Do you remember the images from the last tornado or hurricane that hit? Even the banks were destroyed, not anything left except for the   vault  itself. The contents of the  vault  will probably still be safe and intact, but you will not be getting access to your belongings any time soon.

Remember, only buy highly recognizable gold and silver coins and keep them buried in a location that you control.

The Spider Web Marketing System (Take My Advice!)

If you have been marketing online for a year or two you have no doubt spent many dollars trying to find the best, simplest, and least expensive ways to earn money online, and just when you think you have found the right program, it ends up being more work than you can devote, or costing more money than you want to spend, or just to complicated to do. Well I believe I just ran across a solution to our problem. It’s called the Spider Web Marketing System. The Spider Web Marketing System is a great FREE tool that teaches you how to build and promote your business plus many other passive streams of income by following detailed videos with easy-to-follow instructions. You just need to follow the videos.This same Spider Web Marketing System was used by it’s creators to generate 15,422 Live Fresh leads, 1377 new recruits in their business, and $63,518 in the First 7 Weeks.

Anyone involved with network marketing knows it’s not a perfect business, but it has the potential to earn anyone who puts a little effort in it to create a residual income that could surpass your current job income. The Spider Web Marketing System has strengthened my belief in that goal. So I joined and here is why.

Reason #1 -It is totally FREE To Join. Which is really amazing once you see all the tools and benefits this system has to help you succeed.

Reason #2 – It Generates Income…The system has 12 passive streams of Residual income built right into the program. Which when set up, run automatically. That’s not all, new streams of income are continually being added to the system.

Reason #3 -It’s easy…. It Will Give You 22 Step-By-Step Video Instructions on How To Set it up, Promote it, and Build an Internet Business from Your home.

Reason #4 -It Generates Fresh, Targeted Leads…If you are in network marketing you know that you will fail if you don’t have a continuous, fresh supply of leads to present your offers to. The Spider Web system is one of the best lead systems on the internet.

I know, this sounds to good to be true. That is exactly what I said. Until I set my own system up. WOW. Listen, don’t take my word on this. Go get the details and see what other people have to say about the Spider Web Marketing System. You can get the full details on this Free and Powerful marketing system by clicking on the link in the resource box.

My Lead System Pro Review – An Honest Insight Into The System

My Lead System Pro Review

What I intend to cover briefly in this My Lead System Pro Review will help you make an informed decision whether My Lead System Pro is right for you or not.

So you are obviously interested in what MLSP has to offer and something has caught your attention that you are looking for an honest My Lead System Pro Review that could shed some light on exactly what it is and what in the world this system can do for you in terms of transforming your business so read on.

Don’t take my word for I’m going to do my best to show you all the benefits this system offers any struggling network marketer or one that is seeking a way to further improve their network marketing business by using attraction marketing.

My Lead System Pro Review – The Marketing Tools

So let’s get into it, first with the basics of what MLSP has to offer its users to help with marketing more effectively by utilizing attraction marketing and neutralizing any objections and negativity such as the below commonly asked questions when prospecting:-

Is this a pyramid scheme?

How much money do you earn?

Will I make $50,000 in a month?

Let me explain to you in one simple yet powerful quote which I’m going to steal from Network Marketing Legend Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring Course:

“You can’t give away, let alone sell, a steak to a vegetarian!”

Do you understand this powerful quote, do you see how this can directly make or break your network marketing business?

My Lead System Pro Review – Attraction Marketing

Let me explain, if you are selling and pitching your business opportunity you won’t get very far. You know why, because no matter how hard you try if the people you are talking to are vegetarian and you are trying to sell them your steak (business opportunity) they simply don’t want it even if you try to give it away with an irresistible offer / free.

So back to this My Lead System Pro Review and how you can use it to learn a positive marketing method which is more effective and more efficient than selling and pitching.

MLSP provides in-built value packed content such as their live training webinars and teaching others how to generate leads, market more effectively, build traffic to their site and providing solutions and tools for free in exchange for contact information via the capture pages provided by the system which will be automatically inserted into an in-built auto-responder which will start the follow-up process for you. This is an extremely beneficial way of marketing as you will be faced with no rejection to entering information into forms because in exchange you will offer something of equal or more value to your leads.

So you will essentially start building a list right away of leads quicker than pitching your business opportunity because what you will be doing is offering to help strugglers this in turn will neutralize any negative thoughts or reactions.

I hope you have liked what you have read so far in this My Lead System Pro Review and now I’m going to tell you briefly about the huge training archive My Lead System Pro offers to all its members.

O.K one of the skills that new or even older more experience network marketers lack are the skills to improve their chances of success by learning more new ways or mastering one particular method of building a more profitable network marketing business which is where My Lead System Pro really blows the competition out of the water with their huge archive of training material all from top producers in our industry who’ll show how they do it themselves you tell me can you think of a better way then actually seeing them show you how they do it.

Now it’s time to learn about the commission’s structure that the system offers to its users; yeah you heard my right My Lead System Pro actually offers you multiple streams of income in the form of commissions through the system itself.

You can earn commissions for referring new members as well as any products your new members buy and they are all in different amounts and best of all residual meaning every single month you get paid for just helping people by providing them the system and it’s a lot easier than trying to recruit someone into a business opportunity, I mean who does not want help in building a more profitable network marketing business right?

I hope this My Lead System Pro Review has given you a pretty good idea of the benefits it can offer you and this My Lead System Pro Review will help you make the right decision.

The Money Creation Process

The Money Creation Process

LET US ASSUME that the central bank places a statutory reserve requirement (SRR) ratio of 10 per cent; and that the SRR is the only policy variable used for affecting the money creation process [1]. The reserve requirement is the proportion of deposits which the banking sector must keep as reserves to fulfill withdrawal needs. An original deposit of RM1,000 will enable the banking sector to increase deposits to a maximum amount of RM10,000 (i.e. RM1,000 divided by the reserve requirement of 0.10) through loan creation (i.e. money creation). Let us illustrate how this is done. Say that Mr X found RM1000, which he decided to deposit into a bank account. For simplicity, let us assume there is only one bank in the economy (alternatively you may think of all banks being consolidated or merged into a single entity). A T-account balance sheet entry of the bank would appear as below:

The cash account (reserve) is debited while Mr X’s deposit account is credited with RM1,000. The cash reserve now is 100 per cent of the deposit. However, since the bank is required to keep only 10 per cent as reserves, the bank creates additional deposits until the reserve is 10 per cent of total deposits. How can additional deposits be created? By means of giving loans! The balance sheet position after money creation (assuming maximum money creation) [2]3 would be as follows:

Notice that for the original RM1,000 deposit, an additional RM9,000 deposit is created by means of loans [3]. After money creation, the original RM1,000 deposit is now equivalent to 10 per cent of the current total deposits of RM10,000, i.e. the required reserve ratio. This increase in money through multiple deposit creation is a one-time increase in the ‘money base’. The formula for multiple deposit creation may be written as follows:

Interest Rates and the Growth in Money Supply

In addition to the above, the interest rates given and charged by banks also increase money supply in the long run [4]. In the conventional economic thinking, interest rate is said to be the price of money capital, following the normal demand-supply theory. However, we should notice that interest rates themselves, ceteris paribus, would increase the money supply. This fact is very important. Therefore, we expound on this matter further.

Continuing with the earlier example, let us assume that interest rates are as follows – 5 per cent for the deposit rate and 10 per cent for the lending rate. We shall also assume that borrowed money does not earn interest. Now, in the next period the RM1,000 deposit money would earn RM50 interest and thus becomes RM1,050. The depositor would now be able to buy things in the economy for RM1,050. On the other hand, the loan balances would become RM9,900 (RM9,000 + 0.10 x RM9,000). The extra RM900 is simply the interest income to the bank. After paying depositors the interest of RM50, the bank makes a spread of RM850, which is 85 per cent of the original deposit. It is with this spread, the bank would pay the salaries of its employees, utility bills, etc., the remainder of which would comprise the bank’s retained earnings. The current balance sheet position is as shown below:

Notice that the current reserve of 1,000 is now inadequate for a total deposit of RM10,050. This suggests that, in the long run, the central bank would be forced to continually increase fiat money and/or the banks would continuously extend loans so that the reserve requirement can be met and thereby sustain the system [5]. The implication of this is that the existence of interest rates would themselves, ceteris paribus, force a continuous increase in both state money (fiat money) and bank money (loans).

Hence with the simple existence of interest rates alone, under normal circumstances, money supply in an economy will grow by default. However, it is possible for this money supply to shrink back if a depositor withdraws cash from the banking system (and keeps it from re-entering the financial system), or when a loan is repaid, or when a borrower defaults on loan repayment (which at serious levels may cause banking crises, as was the case with non-performing loans or NPLs during the 1997 Malaysian financial crisis).

In summary, a fiat money interest based financial system continuously creates money in the economic system, and by the reverse process, the money so created can also be destroyed in the event deposits are withdrawn, loans repaid or borrowers default on loan repayments.

Credit Cards and Growth in Money Supply

The credit card system also increases the money supply. This is because every credit card transaction is a credit transaction. The implication of this is easy to see using a T-account. Assuming Mr A purchases something from Mr B for RM1,000 using his credit card. The Bank that issued the credit card will record the transaction as follows: Mr A’s account is debited as a loan to reflect a credit transaction while Mr B’s account is credited. This simple accounting entry is, however, interpreted as follows: The Bank had paid Mr B on behalf of Mr A.

Therefore, Mr A owes the Bank RM1,000!

Now since Mr B’s account is considered as a deposit, the Bank could also create money as discussed earlier through the fractional reserve requirement system. The bank can create multiple deposits by means of loans from this accounting “deposit”. If the reserve ratio is 10 per cent, then additional RM9,000 deposits can be created through loans.

Apart from this, the bank also has an additional way to create money. Let us assume that Mr A fails to pay the Bank when he receives his statement. Then the Bank will impose two charges on Mr A: (i) interest on the $1,000 for not settling it! and (ii) a late payment fee! Note that Mr A has to pay these charges even though the bank did not pay anything to Mr B in the first place. It’s all in accounting!

While it is possible to reduce (or control) money supply in the short run, for example, by increasing the reserve requirement ratio or through open market operations (i.e. the selling of government bonds or by increasing bank discount rates), we postulate that the net long-run effect will still be an increase in money supply. This is simply due to the existence of interest rates in the economy (note that government bonds too pay interest even though the money obtained through the sale of such bonds may be simply kept in the vaults).

Therefore, in an interest-based fiat monetary system, money supply simply grows in the long run, even though in the short run it may be altered through monetary policies.

Dr Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera

Dean, Institute of Islamic Banking & Finance

International Islamic University Malaysia

205A, Jalan Damansara


[1] Other variables include the capital adequacy ratio, which we ignore here for simplicity.

[2] Although real world multipliers may never create the maximum amount, in principle the fractional reserve system allows ‘money to be created’.

[3] Notice how banks create money out of thin air. Money is created when banks extend loans. Hence money in most part is only accounting entries in the books or computer records in the form of binary bit memory space.

[4] See Tarek El-Diwany, The Problem With Interest, TA-HA Publishers, United Kingdom, 1997.

[5] In most countries the domestic debt levels have continuously grown.

MPB Today Review – Free Groceries?

No question about it; financial times are tough and people are having a tough time making ends meet. The cost of everything, including food is skyrocketing, while many Americans are losing their jobs in record numbers.

So can you really eliminate your grocery bill with MPB Today?

MPB Today indeed seems to be providing us with a method to cut our grocery bills. And to even eliminate our grocery bill altogether.

Established in 2006, MPB Today (which is an acronym for My Premiere Business) is a direct sales company affiliate with Southeastern delivery a grocery home delivery service company. It is located in Pensacola, Fl. and is funded by a group of successful businessmen who specialize in traditional businesses that include real estate development, restaurant franchises, and industrial supplies.

The goal of Southeastern is to be one of the biggest full-service delivery companies nationwide. With this industry expecting to grow from $1 billion to over $85 billion in the next 10 years, the potential is nearly unlimited.

MPB’s goal is to be a major force in assuring Southeastern attains their goal under the leadership of Gary Calhoun, a 25 year veteran of the direct sales industry and capable home office team that – that seems to be expanding daily – MPB has the full capability to managing the unrivaled expansion rate.

The MPB Today compensation plan is based on a 2 x 2 Follow Me Matrix which involves “cycling”. You’ll pay an initial $200 for your first grocery voucher. However it is then possible that you can get paid over and over and over again if you refer others to the service who wish to save money on their groceries and earn as well.

Below is a summary of the main points about the service and compensation plan:

– Pay a one time $200.00 fee for a $200 grocery voucher. To become part of the marketing plan you also must pay a nominal $10 annual admin fee.

– You can instantly use your $200 grocery voucher to buy groceries from the fulfillment center in Florida. However, if you wait until after your first pay cycle to use the voucher you do not pay shipping and handling.

– Refer 2 people to the service. Then help those 2 people, refer 2 people, and cycle. This is called “cycling”. You are then eligible to get paid Cash and another $200 in groceries.

– Each cycle (when your team is filled with six people and you have personally sponsored at least 2) enables you to trade your $200 grocery voucher for a $200 Walmart gift card. You’ll also receive $300 Cash, and another $200 Grocery Voucher. This happens again and again, every time you cycle.

– The more people you personally sponsor into MPB Today, the more often you will cycle. You could cycle several times a month, several times a week, even several times a day.

– No limit on commissions

– No restrictions on the type of groceries you can buy. (Dry goods and perishables are all eligible.)

– Exchange your grocery voucher for a Wal Mart gift card.

– A real chance to earn free groceries for life.

We all have to eat. And unfortunately in this economy food isn’t getting cheaper and most of us are not getting richer either. Which seems to make the MPB service a reasonable choice. How many of your friends and family would be interested in earning extra income while acquiring their groceries for free? Is MPB the start of something huge in the grocery delivery market? Is it a very unique and appealing opportunity, or just another fad? MPB’s Alexa ranking today tells an optimistic story. Ranked as the 6,670 most visited site in the U.S. and 79,000 in the world, they are not doing bad at all in the area of traffic to the site. Something big seems to be going on.

As usual, like with most of these new opportunities, those who join quickly stand the best chance to be seriously compensated, as MPB Today starts drawing in more and more people looking for ways to save money on their groceries, and be provided with the chance to work at home.

In conclusion, for anyone considering to start an online business, keep in mind that 98% of ALL internet marketers fail because they have the wrong system in place. Or don’t have a marketing system at all. Save yourself some time and money and learn what the top internet marketers are doing but fail to tell you.

Starting a Home-Based Business

It’s the new fad, people want to work from home. People like Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek are some examples of idolized characters in the home business world. Many want to be as successful as them, but when you dig a little into their world and find out what it took to get there, you may be a little surprised that it didn’t happen overnight and it took them many failures to get it right.

One thing off the bat is discovering your niche. It’s what will establish you on the internet. For instance take something you like, your passionate about and try writing a Squidoo lens on it. Put everything you’ve got into it and see how well it ranks. The ranking will help you determine how well written it is and on subject. I am using this as an example to see how well you will stand out in your niche and not have your URL lost in the endless archives of the internet. Plus Squidoo is a great place for beginners to figure out how stiff the competition is and what you will need to do to work your way up the ranks.

Another great place for a home based business to be established is Global Domains International or GDI for short. It allows anyone to join for a free 7 day trial to see if they like it and if they do not there is no obligation to stay. If you do decide you like it and its 5 level income opportunity then it is only 10 dollars a month. Included with a Global Domains membership is a .ws Domain name along with a website building tool that allows you to personalize yourself. Some people join for the Income opportunity , but many others do their own thing with it.

The income opportunity from global domains works like this: if you recruit 5 members in a 1 week period of time you get a 100 dollar bonus and that goes on forever along with a one dollar for every member residual income you really can’t lose. I suggest you figure out a marketing game plan before joining this opportunity though as the competition can be tough and some members have a larger budget than others. This would really be a good place to start once you have discovered your niche and are ready to begin your home business.

Another great idea for finding your marketing niche would be to surf around online and check out some work at home forums. A lot of them have a no promote rule which allows you to read the forums instead of endless sales pitching. You will find out quickly that there are a lot of people trying to help others in there rather than a bunch of nonsense. So there you go a few good ideas on how to discover and start your work at home business without spending any money upfront. It’s a tough battle out there so I advise to all be careful and always try before you buy.

The Absolute Best Online Money Maker For Beginners

Have you been searching for a way to make money online, but don’t know where to start? Don’t fall for the many scams that are being advertised as “get-rich overnight”. Learn from my mistakes, and save yourself a lot of money. In today’s economy, no one has extra money to throw away. Through trial and error, I have found the best online money maker for beginners to start making a steady income online.

My Online Income System is a program that teaches the basic fundamentals of affiliate marketing. Don’t like the sound of affiliate marketing? Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well actually it is very easy when you follow the step-by-step action plan that is presented by My Online Income System. Affiliate marketers are the overpaid middle-men when someone purchases a product. This well-developed program leads you through the steps required so that YOU can become the overpaid middle-man.

I consider My Online Income System to be the absolute best online money maker for beginners because it holds your hand, step-by-step, and teaches you how to build a successful online business that will make you money repeatedly. A year from now, you can still be reaping the benefits of the work you do today. This is a proven way to make money online, and a business that you can build to eventually be your only source of income. It does not promise to get you rich overnight. By following the 60-day action plan, you are building the foundation of a very successful business in which you can continue to build upon. Most people start to see income long before they finish the 60-day action plan. After learning these valuable affiliate marketing skills, you just keep repeating them over and over.

Another very important reason that My Online Income System is considered the best online money maker is because it utilizes all free tools and resources. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a load of money trying to make money.

Big Ticket to Wealth – Legitimate Make Money Business Or Not?

Are you longing for a life change and have the desire to start your own business from home? Whether you’re new to internet marketing or a seasoned marketer looking for the next big thing this article will help you decide if Big Ticket to Wealth is a legitimate opportunity or another fly by night network marketing company.

Big Ticket to Wealth was created and founded by Gerald Van Yerxa. Gerald has over thirty years experience in the network marketing field. He also has owned a chain of Radio Stations in the past.

Gerald decided to form Big Ticket to Wealth so that the average Joe would have a much better chance of having success with an online business. His goal is to create a company that will have a success rate that will power over the rest of the online world.

Big Ticket to Wealth has a compensation plan that is different from the rest of the online marketing programs. The difference is the company issues out matching bonus overrides. To explain this in a simple form when someone on your team makes a sale you will get rewarded with the exact same amount. If Tim who is on your team makes $900 dollars you will also then make $900 dollars. This is an industry first and until now how never been done before.

Big Ticket to Wealth offers 3 different levels that you can become a member with. Each level has its own commissions and matching bonus overrides. Members will also get a residual income from the people that are on their team. The monthly fee that everyone pays is $75. Out of the $75 dollars $50 will go to the members sponsor and $25 will go to Big Ticket to Wealth. This is a great secondary form of income for the companies members.

Here are the levels that you can join Big Ticket to Wealth at: National for $797, Executive for $1197, Presidential for $1997.

To conclude Big Ticket to Wealth is a real business opportunity that has a dedicated CEO with over 30yrs experience in the trade. The company has legitimate products and a very unique compensation plan making it possible for the average Joe to create a successful business online. My recommendation is to further investigate this opportunity to see if it’s right for you.

Maverick Money Makers Review – My Experience

If you have lost your job and are looking for an alternative way to make money and feed your family, you may want to take a look at online marketing. There are many advantages of using internet marketing to earn online income. The good news is that you can make it auto pilot and have passive income. The bad news is that you can not do it without a right guidance. Maverick Money Makers is an internet marketing membership club which teaches how to make money online. This article is about Maverick Money Makers Review.

The mentor of the club is Mack Michaels. Mack did not give much of his personal details but he said he has been online for more than ten years. He claims to make more than two million dollars last year online. I could hard believe this until I saw his live proof from the video on his site. In the same video, he also shows how he lives an internet lifestyle. That interests me to dig deep into what is provided in Maverick Money Makers. I later on decide to buy the course. And this is what I found.

The site has a lot of information for internet marketing from beginner level to intermediate level. I don’t think it is suitable for advanced marketers although the author said advanced marketers can learn many things here.

The modules inside Maverick Money Makers include:

o Complete core training systems

o Quick money blueprint systems

o Brilliant niche marketing ideas

o Turnkey products to sell

o Skill set training systems

o Your point and click rolodex

o Millionaire mindset coaching

I skipped a lot of basic information and would come back to that later since I did not have time for everything. However, I immediately rushed into the quick money blueprint systems because I wanted to see if what was taught in the course worthwhile. I then found out that the teaching made sense. I am going to test the method right away to see if it can make me money online. I will come back and write other articles about those methods I got from Maverick Money Makers later on after I see the result.

The complete core training systems are about building solid business online. I just went through one of the video. There are many of them and some take more than an hour. So, it is like learning in a classroom. I have to later allocate my time to learn them all. The basic stuff is located at Skill set training session. I don’t think I will learn them all except watching a couple of them. I would focus more on complete core training instead.

Overall, I am excited in joining this club. I think it may be useful to some if you take the knowledge into actions. I will definitely do. That’s about it on my personal review of Maverick Money Makers.