Maverick Money Makers Scam

In this article we want to take an in depth look at an Internet business opportunity known as Maverick Money Makers. People have been making money online since 1997 with this opportunity and here are a few reasons why!   Mack Michaels is the founder of Maverick Money Makers. He was tired of having a boss tell him what to do and he knew other people felt the same way as he did.   He was also tired of all the time he spent commuting back and forth to work and the time he was away from his family.

The internet was making other people a lot of money and he wanted to stay at home and work online. After looking around he decided to create the perfect money making opportunity.   If you are at least 18 years old with a strong desire to make money you can do it online right now with Maverick Money Makers. Mack was able to create an opportunity that allows you to do this without building your own website.  

You can make money anywhere in the world promoting Maverick Money Makers yourself. And you can do it on a part time basis around your own schedule. You earn anywhere from $20 up to hundreds of dollars on every person you refer to the business opportunity.   The program is a system that teaches you how to make money regardless of your current experience. They give you a blueprint that offers a step by step guide including video training and how to promote various types of products online.  

Their system has sustained itself now for over 10 years because of their 24 hour support desk and hands on training when you need it. You can work at your own pace and get help whenever you have a question.   Some people are afraid of talking to customers and you never have to do that with Maverick Money Makers. You do not have to use the phone because you to promote your own website and then let their system take over from there.   You also get access to their private members forum where you can interact with other members who are building their business just like you. You get your own personal account you can log into to access marketing materials and to view you stats and income you have made.  

In summary you can learn how to create a full time internet income with Maverick Money Makers if you have a desire to do more with your life. This established internet business is one anyone can quickly learn to make money online with.     Keywords: Maverick Money Makers, make money online   Summary: In this article we want to take an in depth look at an Internet business opportunity known as Maverick Money Makers. People have been making money online since 1997 with this opportunity and here are a few reasons why!  

Maverick Money Makers Exposed Here

Finding what is for real or just another scam trying to suck up our money can pose a real problem for those individuals trying to find ways to enjoy profits from marketing online. A lot may depend upon what an individual is looking for from the Internet. Maybe they are looking to make money online as a full-time occupation or maybe only looking to supplement an existing income.

While there are a great many bona fide ways to make money online, one does have to know what they are doing. I had been hearing a lot lately about Maverick Money Makers and was wondering what it was all about, so I finally decided to try it out to see.

Maverick Money Makers Club uses the concept of affiliate marketing to make money online, which is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started earning money today. And while competition is intense, the Maverick Money Makers system keeps you constantly updated with new strategies, making it difficult to fail. And the system directs you on where to find the best affiliate products to build your business with.

So how do you make money with Maverick Money Makers? The system will teach you how to become an affiliate for multiple product owners. This means that you will act as the marketer for products, and you will receive commissions from every sale or lead that you generate. It’s a great way to start making money online since it does not require any capital and product creation on your part. This is an easy way to make money online and you don’t actually have to own a website.

Maverick Money Makers recommends digital, downloadable products since they pay the highest commissions and are the easiest to promote and distribute. Sure, you have to advertise, but the program instructs you on the many ways to generate free traffic and promote your business for little or minimal expense, and as profits grow for you, you can reinvest back in your business with other forms of promotion.

A lot of this information has been around along time, and there are many who already know how to do the business of affiliate marketing so some of this won’t be new for them. But if you are just starting out or not sure how to do it all and want guidance, this is one excellent option available with nearly everything all done for you. And even if you already are experienced with affiliate marketing, the Maverick Money Makers system can make things easier and more profitable for you.

I will advise skipping the backend VIP option offered right after you sign up. After a day or so it sends you to a backend ad call with Global Cash Flow trying to make you a Certified Media Specialist for $300 or so, and they don’t do it just once either, as you will keep getting offered great new “ideas” on how to make money. Your hands will be full just working on implementing what is offered by the Maverick Money Makers program, and that is quite a handful.

What I like most about the Maverick Money Makers system is there is no cheerleading; no conference training calls with rah rah motivational speeches and testimonials about their success stories and how you have to get all excited and hyped up about getting out there and getting it done for the team. Because this isn NOT MLM, there is no incentive for others to be driving your success; instead the incentive is yours to want to take the direction you are given, create success for yourself as an affiliate marketer online, and live the lifestyle you want.

It’s all there for you, you just have to want it enough to do it. One thing I am certain of is that Mack Michael’s Maverick Money Makers will teach you how to make an excellent per month income online. What you do with it entirely up to you.

Teach Vaulting To Preschoolers? Yes – But, Make It Fun!


I believe that when teaching vaulting to preschoolers it is helpful to divide the activities into five component parts: the run, the hurdle (step, step jump), the use of the board, the vault position and the landing. If we think in these terms and divisions, it becomes easier to create relevant preschool teaching stations. To effectively teach preschoolers and keep them motivated, we need to keep them busy. If you have a station set up for running drills, prepare board drills to get them back in line. If you’re working on the hurdle going down the vault runway, have them do running drills to get them back in line. In vaulting it is often very difficult to have all the students working at the same time. Lines are almost inescapable, and therefore you must carefully proper your lesson plans before class.

I have included with this article a list of skills and drills that we use in the Tumblebear program. I’d like to explain a few skills in the list.

In the Statue Game, Parent and Tot (or instructor and student) are paired in twos. The teacher or Mom attempts to lift the child to a stand from a lying position while the child stays rigid like a statue. This helps them learn that a tight body transfers energy better and increases their kinesthetic awareness of a tight, hollow body position.

Step, step, jump drills are used to teach the hurdle and are taught by creating stations with visual cues like round rubber targets. Lay two cues arranged vertically, and then two next to each other. These can be on the floor, on incline mats or on the board. You can also use small hula-hoops or chalk marks on the mats. Anywhere it asks for a “trap”, this indicates a trapezoid piece about 18-24″ in height. You can, of course, substitute a stacked panel mat.

Superman/Wonder Woman is when the student runs, hits the chalk line or board and lies tummy down with arms extended as the instructor carries them. (You should be a strong coach and effective spotter for this one, but it does establish the idea of flight from the board take-off to arrival on the vault table. This drill is also helpful in developing a “trust” relationship between the student and the coach as spotter.)

A Bunny Hop is a four point skill starting like a bear walk, but both hands move forward at one time, then both feet- the child should not go to a full squat. (By the way, bunny hops are also a useful preparatory drill for cartwheels).

Knee Slapper is a tuck jumps, but by slapping their knees it helps the preschoolers to understand to bring their knees forward and upwards towards their chests.

In the Seat Kicker, the child brings their heels to their bottom in the air. (This drill helps to develop hamstring strength and balance).

Pike rebounds are performed from a stand on the take-off board, with the student leaning forward while holding into two stacked trap pieces. This helps them understand the timing off the board. They perform multiple bounces from the board attempting to lift the hips high in the air while pushing down through the arms on the trap pieces.

Flanking Around a Trap Piece (with shapes as visual cues) is a great station for students even as young as two years. Prepare one trap piece with vinyl cut-out shapes as visual cues on the trap and around the other eight pieces on the floor). As the preschooler puts their hands on a shape on the trap and flank, the student should call off that particular shape on which they are standing or placing their hands. You can create other fun games with this approach- use your creativity!

The Run

Basic running technique is very important in gymnastics and other sport activities. I suggest that you introduce this over the course of several lessons and then continue to reinforce the concepts and techniques. For example:

Lesson One- Have the students run and hit chalk line 15 times.

Lesson Two- Review hitting the chalk line a few times and then 15 more runs using the board, teaching them to reach their maximum speed when they hit the board.

Lesson Three- Teach them the hurdle or the step, step, jump

Lesson Four- Review the run drills and add the brush slap technique to encourage the arms to go around and up.

Lesson Five- Work on jogging in place then step, step jump.

Lesson Six- Work on landings with straight body and no hollow chest. When teaching landings tell the students to envision themselves landing in a bucket of mud, a jar of peanut butter, or a tub of margarine. On successful landings always show a big Ta-Da!

I hope this information gives you an idea of how slowly and methodically I believe teaching vaulting should be conducted for preschoolers and beginners. An important point to remember is that most vaulting drills can should be taught without the table. With the use of a board, a trap or panel mat, a low beam and an incline mat, you should be able to come up with hundreds of safe and effective drills to increase your students’ vaulting awareness and knowledge without the apprehension they might feel if you simply ask them to run full speed towards this “giant immovable thing” that looks like a big tongue!

Safety Notes

An important aspect regarding vaulting safety is to always have proper matting around the table. Bring the table down to the lowest height possible. Purchase the eight- inch mat horseshoe mat that fits around the board. Young children have a hard enough time trying to just reach and target the board correctly. I consider it vitally important to always mat extensively when teaching preschoolers.

As a small caveat I would like to make a point about safety for preschooler and the gymnastics school business. Often our programs represent the first time your preschool student’s parent leave their child with anyone for lessons. This alone would make them apprehensive. It is simply imperative to stress the safety measures you take, the extra matting you provide, the fact that your instructors are USAG Safety Certified and KAT Accredited, and that you hold SAFETY as the number one priority.


I believe that most instructors are familiar with the “mountain” on the uneven bars. You can utilize a similar concept at vaulting. Begin by having your preschoolers just run up a landing mat over the table(a mini-mountain), getting to the top and jumping off to a stack of eight-inch skill cushions with a panel mat on landing mat on top. Make sure you have the landing mats up high enough on landing side so your preschoolers aren’t dismounting any further than they can propel themselves up. Use this opportunity to reinforce your landing skills.

You can also use an incline mat going up to the table and one going down the other side. This station would not be for landing drills, but more for the ability to run and use the real vaulting table. If you’re looking for another station for preschool run drills, try an incline, mini-tramp, or board going up to the table and a plastic slide going down.

I recommend you not use plastic slides in your preschool gymnastics program just for play, but as a teaching station. Parents might look at the slide and ask themselves why they’re paying money to have their children play on slides they can buy for them at home. Only let children go down the slide if they do an L-support or other skill on the vault and a good landing when reaching the end. Try putting a carpet square at the end of the slide for a Ta-Da, and then have them do a forward roll to another carpet square and another good Ta-Da! A great place to use a slide is under the low bar. When the student does a forward roll dismount they land on the slide and then get to slide down and a Ta-Da! This keeps it fun AND serves as a reward.

I also like to use a ladder or plank up to the table with a mountain down the other side. (If you are using a ladder anywhere in your program I recommend you use a plank or stacked mats under it so there is no chance for a child to step through the rungs and hit their face.)

You can also use the table in the middle of one of your circuits or obstacle courses. For example, put a tunnel to an incline mat, connect it with a ladder to the vault table and then have the students, jump off with a dismount to stacked eight -inch skill cushions. Always remember to have them dismount to a landing mat or panel mat.

Another station suggestion is a plank up to the table. From the horse, the child jumps to a min-tramp and does a tuck jump, pike jump, straddle jump, seat kicker or knee slapper onto a landing mat. (You may want to spot this.)

Other Ideas and Hints

1. Try to think of different ways to utilize various complimentary pieces of equipment such as incline mats, mini-tramps, planks, ladders, boards, or octagons (clamped together in front of the table) to create more drills.

2. As a vaulting area to use on the way back from the table, put a number of take-off boards down a runway with panel mats over them. Call it “crocodile lane” and have the kids run and hit the boards while pretending to run and jump on all the crocodiles’ heads. It helps to mark their “heads” or the place they need to jump with a visual cue.

3. Another fun station for returning the students back in line is to put stacked panel mats or trapezoid pieces in a row covered with a strip of panel mats. Call this station “hills and valleys” and have them run up and down the various heights.

Most equipment suppliers offer preschool vault boards designed for students under 70 pounds- don’t permit older/heavier students to use them or the boards will break down quickly.

To summarize, if you teach vaulting to preschoolers by breaking the teaching process down into the five parts mentioned at the beginning of this article, you’ll be able to create ideas for drills and make it easier for the young students to learn and most of all…have fun. Good Luck!

Home Loans

Buying a home is everyone’s dream. It is impossible to buy a home just by paying cash. It is not only necessary to take a loan to buy a home, but even to make major improvements to the home. There are various loans available to suit the prospective buyer’s needs. Some types of loans available include home equity loans, home improvement loans, mobile home loans, manufactured home loans, home construction loans, and interest free loans.

Before venturing into a loan, it is smart to first compare the different loan interest rates of different banks. There are usually extra fees that come with buying a house, including stamp duty, mortgage insurance, registration fees, loan application fees, and valuation fees. It is important to keep track of these small amounts because they add up to a considerably large amount.

Once a loan has been sanctioned, make sure you pay the monthly installments on time. It is even better if you can make additional payments beyond what is required. As a rule of thumb, every $1 made as extra payment you make early in the loan saves about $2 interest over the term of the loan, depending on the interest rates. Be careful of the ‘honeymoon’ rates of banks, which are low introductory rates that last for only six months to one year before reverting to the standard bank rate.

Be very careful when getting a loan because you never know when someone is trying to dupe you. Whenever you receive your bills, go through them and look for calculation errors. A simple mistake in entering of numbers can lead to major problems if they go unnoticed. Look for a flexible loan that caters to your needs and keep accurate records of all the payments that you make to the financier to avoid future complications.

4 Minute Money Review – How to Make Quick Money System

Are you looking to read a 4 Minute Money review? This system promises to teach users how to make quick money online, but I am sure that you will be very skeptical about this website after reading through it.

I knew I was really skeptical when I read about it, but I had also found many positive testimonials about it too. Eventually, I decided to try this 4 Minute Money system by Harris Fellman and Brian Kosobucki out of curiosity, and I have not looked back ever since.

1. Will You Make Big Money With 4 Minute Money?

This system requires some time to get going, so you need to keep your expectations in check and not expect to see the kind of results you see on its website so soon. With every 4 Minute Money system that you setup, there is a 90% chance that it will continue to keep bringing you income for months to come so long as the visitors remain members for whichever service you promote.

When repeated enough times, the amount of residual income that you can earn will keep increasing every day. It is entirely possible that this passive income stream will replace and become much bigger than your day job income.

2. What Is Included In The 4 Minute Money Package?

This package contains 5 PDF guides that list the strategies of this system in a step-by-step fashion. There is also a software suite called 4 Minute Automation Software that contains a bunch of powerful programs. They have made my life a lot easier by automating many of the monotonous processes that need to be done to keep the system going.

For example, there is the Blogger SEO Tool that helps me optimize the sites that I create automatically, something which I would otherwise have to waste around 15 minutes to do for every small system that I setup.

How Effective is the Maverick Money Making Club?

If you are reading here today, you are wondering if the Maverick Money Making Club is just another scam or a legit online money making program.

It is important for you to understand that I am not here to sell or promote the Maverick Money Making Club, I am not going to “redirect” you to Mack Michaels’ websites and I am not making one thin cent from this article.

I am here to give you an honest opinion based upon my own experience with Maverick Money Making Club and some basic research.

I am just an average guy on a fixed and low income who was trying to find a way out from under the brink of poverty and find the means to a better ability to provide for my children. I turned to the internet in hopes of finding relief from my situation and a successful method of income, probably just like you did.

There are so many “get rich” programs offered on the internet and it can be difficult to determine which ones are scams designed to take your money and which ones are honest and helpful in teaching you to make some money.

Did you research and notice that most all of these “get rich” opportunities seem to all have the same sales pitch of a “rags to riches” story? The author tells you how broke he/she was, then how he/she stumbled upon a practically unknown way to become rich that only very elite or few people know about and finally how they are now making thousands of dollars weekly or daily.

But do they actually tell you or give any useful clue as to what that “secret” or “practically unknown way” is? No, of course not! You have to get out your credit or debit card and pay some large fee to find out.

I found that a lot of times the information you are paying for is either outdated and useless or sold so many times that people will not make much money from it because too many people are trying to employ it.

In many instances, the information they sell you is information that is free to the public. For example, information that they simply correlated from public sources which give you the info free upon request or information that you can research online free of charge.

Matthew Lesko, to name one, was notorious for this method in his books telling you how to get grants and where to apply for monies… all public knowledge gotten from the phone directories or simply calling the Government toll free hotlines.

On the surface, it appears Maverick Money Making Club does indeed work. But if you think you are going to sit there doing nothing but watching your bank account get fatter, you better face the realities of the program.

If you go to the Maverick Money Making Club site, before you buy into the club, give it a free try by becoming an affiliate marketer first. Mack Michaels’ free affiliate program is well put together and has step by step videos and the tools to get you set up almost immediately.

But beware! There are several key points that Michaels neglects to tell you. You will not be able to sit back and watch the money roll in and think it is all free money for you!

Michaels advises you to utilize “Clickbank” as your payment center. If you do use “Clickbank”, be sure to read through everything and all the terms of service in each and every section.

Be sure that you register yourself with the IRS! Be sure that you have a local state/city business license!

If you are well versed in matters of taxes and preparations of various forms issued by the IRS, then this program will be a great investment. Otherwise every time you need to run to a “Certified Public Accountant” it will cost you a couple of hundred dollars for his/her services and you can find yourself running to the “CPA” often.

Finally, I will conclude by telling you that there is no way that you can set up any affiliate program and then do nothing but watch money come in. You will have to spend time “promoting” and if you are not capable of writing well, then you will have to pay someone to write for you.

Good luck in all your ventures!

April’s Top Online Money Making Programs

Ever think about working at home rather than spending your life at the typical day job? Well if you answered yes you are not alone, because many people search the web daily looking for ways to create income while sitting in the comfort of their home. It’s a win-win situation if you can do it, because you eliminate the stress of your day job and the daily routine of fighting traffic, using fuel and just plain depression of having to do the same thing day after day.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it can be done. It’s not that it’s hard but many people jump into the first program they see offering to pay them for doing nothing only to realize later that they should have done some research. I always recommend either doing the research yourself or using a website like mine, but not necessarily mine. Some choose to do both. I would use a work at home directory site and look for what’s popular among other people thus the reason for this article.

I did some research to find what the most popular programs were for April of this year. There were many different types of programs to choose from such as Data Entry, Type at Home, Paid Surveys, Rebate Processors, Order processors, Email Processors and Medical Transcription. There are many people using all of these programs some are having success and other are not if the real truth is to be known. I believe the key to being successful is that they find programs that match their respective work at home profile and work hard initially until they get their income to the levels they desire.

When I finished my research I found Rebate Processors and Order Processing to be the most popular of all programs. I list on my website which of the many rebate and order processor programs I feel have the best chance for success, but you should also do your research. Now that you know what other people are trying the next step is to find which specific program in that niche of the market place that you would like to join.

I would recommend joining 2 – 3 programs maybe rebates and order processing along with one other work at home program. This gives you (3) three chances at finding the program that is best for you. You can also find some free to join programs, which normally take a bit longer to create income in my opinion, to add to your work at home arsenal.

Take your time do your research, join, study and follow the step-by-step guidance and exercise patience while your income grows. Please feel free to read both this article or one of my many others by visiting my link in the resource box below. I always enjoy getting emails pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me.

I wish you the very best and remember do not be denied the success you deserve.

Making Easy Money Online With Yahoo Answers

Most of people starting an online business do it with the objective of making easy money online. But internet marketing is not about making easy money online. It is about building a long term business that gives a lot of benefits other than once like freedom of time and money.

Having said that, making money online can be easy, if you know how to do it.

Yahoo answers is one such source that can help you in making easy money online.

What is Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo answers is a social website from yahoo, where people ask questions about anything that they have a problem in. Other users respond to these questions with their answers. People get to vote these answers and the person asking the questions get to select the best answer.

Every individual, the person asking the question and the people answering the questions gets points for each activity that they do. These points help them become experts and get featured at Yahoo answers.

I am sure you might be wondering as to how is it that you will be making easy money online with Yahoo answers.

Internet marketing is about solving problems for people. So if you have something to sell that can solve a problem for someone and you can convince the person that your product is indeed the solution to his problem, then the person will surely buy the product from you.

This statement would have given you a fair idea of how this entire system works.

This system is about answering questions in your niche and then selling your product to the person asking the question and the many others who come to Yahoo answers searching for the solution to this same question.

You have to research a bit to find the best solution to the problem because you want to sound professional and knowledgeable to the person who has asked the question and everyone reading this answer.

Once you know what is the best answer, go and submit your answer.

The process is very simple and converts at more than 14% which is something that no other method has ever seen. So if you are able to judiciously, you should be able to sell any product in any niche.

The entire concept here is based on the fact that you have resolved the problem of someone without even charging them for the solution. So their confidence and trust in you in much more than any other person selling a product to them. You harness this trust and confidence and promote your products to them.

Mommy Money Review

Do you want to try starting an online business and making your own income from home using the Mommy Money system? You may be wondering whether this system really works after all the hype that it has generated in the online community.

Having tried out this method for a few weeks now, I know exactly how it works to profit and how much income can be expected with respect to the amount of time spent. Every minute spent implementing the system has created an additional passive income stream for me regardless of how small it might be.

1. Can You Really Make an Online Income with Mommy Money Income System?

With the rapid advancements of the Internet in today’s digital age, we are now able to buy, sell and trade anything through the web. Customers and retailers come with from all over the world today and are no longer bounded by international boundaries. This has also generated a rapid rise in number of new Internet users. Do you know that this trend has created an opportunity for anyone to be able make an income from home with just some basic computer skills and an Internet connection? Not many people know this but it is a fact.

2. How Do Make an Income Online with the Mommy Money System?

The whole World Wide Web is a huge market for you to make an income with. The best thing is that you do not even need to sell your own products because of the concept of affiliate marketing. This is how the Mommy Money system works. It will teach you how to generate an online income by selling other people’s products and getting paid commissions for successful sales transactions. All you need to do is find hungry markets that are willing to pay money to solve whatever problems they have, and then place specific and targeted product offers in front of them.

Millionaire Money System Review

There are several advisers for online money making and one such effective advisor is the Millionaire Money System Review. Making money online is one of the most efficient methods of money making, as it is effortless and you can do it from your home. But, you must be able to make use of the right methods and this is possible by right guidance. It was initially brought in to internet market by some of the experts and researchers of internet. Millionaire Money System includes teachings of some of the big ideas for personal development, internet marketing, and online money making. It is first introduced by Armand Morin, Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor and Alan Forest Smith.

AdWords is a great way to create a campaign for Google AdWords for making some good money and it does not make a difference on whatever you sell in your campaign. Copy writing is a wonderful method of improving your persuasion tactics and increase your rate of conversion. Start getting online and find solutions to the best ways to start making money online. And most importantly, set your goals which are essential in building the right business by setting realistic goals, and create new goals as soon as your goals are achieved.

Most of the online money making systems which includes Google AdSense, eBay helps us to sell products to other people. You can also make use of several online money making sites and advertisement sites, which help in per section costs for making money.

Making money and become millionaire is hard, but we have shown you how it can be done using millionaire money system review. Enjoy making money online without much difficulty and become one of the millionaires!