Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Review – Is it a Scam?

I just finished reading an eBook called “Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots” co-written by Dean Cassady and Jason Phillips. In this article, I would like to write a review and share my opinions for this product.

The sales page has a very BOLD claim: “ClickBank Pioneer Accidentally Discovers PPC Formula And Rakes $463,590.22 In ONLY 58 Days!” It may or may not be true. For me personally, I do not believe it, it’s just hype. Everyone can easily blab about how much money they earn on the Net. You just need to use some common sense to see through the hype.

Also, I don’t really care how much money the authors earn, what I do care about is the quality of the product and whether the methods they teach actually work. If all they wrote are rehashed materials, then I will simply ask for my full refund. One good thing about Internet Marketing products is that they always have money back guarantee. Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots is no exception, it comes with an iron-clad and no-question-asked money back guarantee for 60 days.

Ok, here is my analysis of the product…

1. What is Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots? Is it a Scam?

Essentially, it’s an Affiliate Marketing business model using Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) and Clickbank. YSM is Yahoo’s PPC engine. Something like Google AdWords, which is the Google’s PPC engine. Most affiliate marketers (including myself) prefer to use Google AdWords because Google has bigger traffic volume. More people are using the Google’s search engine than Yahoo’s.

However, Google AdWords can easily put a BIG hole in your wallet too. Due to fierce competition, many high traffic keywords are very costly. If you target the wrong keywords or products, you will lose money. In fact, there are far more affiliate marketers lose money than those who make money. Google also has a habit to slap those affiliates who have poor quality score. If you’ve a lousy landing page, Google will slap and disable your ad campaigns and demand you to pay unreasonably high cost-per-click.

YSM, however, doesn’t have such a stringent system or rule. In fact, if you’re new to the PPC game, YSM is a better place for you to start earning money as affiliate. So, basically Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots is a complete blueprint for affiliate to earn money using YSM and Clickbank.

2. Do the methods taught in Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots actually work?

If you’ve been using YSM to market products online, you can skip the first few chapters of the guide as they’re just showing you how to open and set up your YSM account. However, do not skip the “Find Killer Keywords”, “Revolutionary Y! Strategies”, “Digging For A Wealth Stream”, and “Ad Group Essentials” sections as these are the secret methods you need to understand and use in order to earn money from the Yahoo’s PPC system.

The answer to the above question is yes. These are the killer methods you’ll learn in this guide and they’re the reason why people buy the ebook.

3. What are the bad points?

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots only focuses on the Yahoo’s PPC method. It’s what makes the guide valuable. However, for a long-term survival of your online business, don’t just depend on PPC method. You also need to adopt the organic traffic generation strategy. Because PPC will only give you traffic if you continue to pay. Once you stop paying, traffic also stops coming!

The bad news is that you won’t get to learn how to drive organic traffic in this guide. But don’t fret! Because I have included some great bonuses (worth more than $500) to help you do that (see link below).

Hope this review can help you make a wise decision.

Trump Network Review – The Last One You Will Ever Need

If you’re here reading this right now, you are probably trying to figure out whether or not you can be successful if you join the Trump Network. Well you have come to the right place, because now you can finally get the REAL answers to your tough questions.

The first thing we looked at was the industry, health and wellness is often proclaimed to be the greatest market around when it comes to network marketing. While it does have a very healthy projected growth rate, as well as showing very admirable past success, we wanted to know how Trump’s products stood up against the competition in this very competitive market. We examined three other companies that, at least according to the numbers, are the biggest competition to the Trump Network. We will leave these three companies nameless to avoid any legal issues of any kind, but the results can be examined on our website. Of the four companies examined, Trump’s product turned out to be the least expensive on a per month basis for their flagship product. Bear in mind that the products of all the companies are very different, so this is not an apples-to-apples comparison, the main redeeming quality about Trump’s product is that they are customized to the individual, in a way that only one other company has tried so far. In order to see how customized these products really are, myself and a colleague both went through the testing process. When we received the vitamins that had been custom tailored to us we checked the nutrition facts to see if they differed, which they did. Interestingly enough, the supplements came with a booklet, that was custom printed and explained the test results. The booklet also explained the affect the specified factors had on the body, and what kind of supplements they included in order to take care of those needs. We found the customization to be adequate to be more than just a gimmick. In many ways, Trump’s vitamins resemble many of his other business ventures, they are higher end, and high quality. However, the resemblance stops there, since his products have beat the competitions price, at least at retail.

For the second part of our test we took a look at overall image of the company, to see how difficult it might be to enter into the market. In our experience, if the first page or even the second page of their Google results has anything negative, then it will probably make it more difficult to represent. At the time of this writing it looks like they have done a pretty good job handling any bad press, since the only seemingly negative headlines were sales reviews. We also looked at the BBB, Trump Network itself is not registered with the Better Business Bureau, but Ideal Health is, (Ideal Health is the company that Trump bought and renamed back in 2009) and they have a very good A rating. There was a report that said that 7 complaints have been filed against the Trump Network in the 36 months preceding may of 2010, 2 of which had been settled administratively, and the rest had been resolved in a satisfactory manner.

Lastly, in our quest to bring you an honest Trump Network Review, we looked at the leadership of the company, not just Trump himself, but the other leadership, including some of the more prominent distributors. Joining Trump, and helping to set up the global expansion that is planned for late next year, is Bill fields, the former CEO of Wal-Mart. Also on the leadership team are the three guys that created Ideal Health, who came up with a revolutionary product, but they also weren’t able to grow their business until Trump came along. As far as the head distributors go, there are quite a few very successful people who are in charge of training new distributors.

In the end, the Trump Network doesn’t appear to have any major flaws, at least according to the numbers, but whether or not you can make money if you join, is based on how much effort you put into it. It doesn’t matter who the owner of the company is, if you can’t sell the product then you will never make money. If you are serious about joining a network marketing company, then you have to focus on branding yourself because, frankly, nobody buys anything from someone any more unless they can trust the person. The best way to gain that trust is by branding yourself as a trustworthy person. To get the full report visit the us on-line.

Make Money Selling Clickbank Products

Most affiliate marketers know that Clickbank is one of the best affiliate programs on the internet and making money selling Clickbank products is easy. Its possible to earn $1000/day as an affiliate. Making money working from the comfort of your home as an affiliate marketer is extremely satisfying. Its easy for a complete beginner to make $25 to $500 a day within a short time if they know what to do.

Clickbank program is Free for all and is the only place where affiliates are paid 75% commissions for sales and no other place on the web will you be able to hear of such commission rates given to affiliates. And with over 10,000 products ranging from self help to affiliate marketing coaching, The opportunities are limitless.

There are many things that you can do to make money selling affiliate products and the most important thing that you need to familiarize yourself with before you to start is “RESEARCH”. Research is a very crucial element when it comes to making money as an affiliate marketer.

With research you will identify your “NICHE”(demand). And without demand you will not sell any products. There are thousands of niches available everyday for you to take advantage of. Although people might say that making money selling Clickbank products is a very easy and simple task, But the truth is that it really needs a some time and commitment on your part.

When it comes to making money with affiliate marketing in general, you will need to be patient because there is a lot to be learned. It’s very unusual that you will strike gold the moment you join Clickbank, although its possible. There are very many resources on the internet that you can use to learn how to make money selling Clickbank products.

Here are a few that many people have been using, with proven results.

1. Wealthy affiliate university forums which offers affiliate marketing coaching support and tools

2. Affiliate project x which is an e-book which offers a lot of insight on affiliate marketing.

3. Affiliate cash   vault  .com is a complete guide that you will use to help you find hot affiliate markets.

These are just a few of them since we cannot completely exhaust all the resources with just one article. You can help yourself through researching.

Clickbank is one of the best ways that you can ever think of, when it comes to making money working from home as an affiliate marketer. With no initial cost involved plus and you can start promoting products right away no permission required after signing up.

Just being a Clickbank affiliate doesn’t guarantee that you will start making money. There are some aspect about affiliate marketing which are very important and you need to know. For example the type of Clickbank product that you choose to promote really determines, if you will be able to make money or not.

Honest Riches 3

It has been a long time coming but Holly Mann’s, Honest Riches 3 is just around the corner. Her latest money making eBook is just about to be released to the general public. Readers who have already reviewed Holly Mann’s, Honest Riches 3 say that it is FABULOUS! It is everything an internet marketer will need to know when learning how to make money online and work from home. It is almost 300 pages of pure information, no fluff, so even the most novice internet marketer can learn from Holly Mann’s techniques and make money online.

But I will stop there for a moment. Some of you are probably wondering who Holly Mann is at this point. If you have just stumbled across this article you would be amazed to learn that she is a single mom who is a disabled war veteran, who went from making a simple disability cheque to $12,000 a month with internet marketing techniques. She packed up her belongings and moved to Thailand with hardly two nickels to rub together. Holly taught herself all of the ins and outs of internet marketing and how to make money from home. Holly Mann really learned how to make money, free, online, from the simplest of techniques. They are easy and with a bit of effort and dedication anyone can learn to work at home just as Holly learned to do, and she explains how in her newest ebook.

But the point of this article is not to talk about what you may or may not already know about Holly Mann and her history but more about Honest Riches 3 and the ways it offers its readers a way to work at home.

Honest Riches 3 takes has a completely different approach to its predecessors. It is divided into different books with detailed tutorials on how to implement the techniques she explains. There are snapshots with illustrations that clarify any points of confusion the reader may have. You can have absolutely no doubt in your mind that every sentence, word, letter and punctuation in this eBook are put there specifically with the purpose of helping the reader to make money online.

Some of you may be asking why Holly Mann would be different from the rest of internet gurus trying to sell you one scam or another. Well Holly Mann comes from an honest place. If you read about her personal story and some of her posts that tell reveal some of her history you will see that she comes from a good, honest place. She truly wants the reader to succeed and make money online using her techniques. Holly knows what it means to struggle and wants to help others through their struggles. She has real life experiences to share with the reader which you will also find in the book. She is not a fancy computer wiz, she is a real person who is admirable in her efforts to share what she has learned about internet marketing.

Why is everyone so pro-Holly? Because she is the real thing, an actual person who is not afraid to share her success story so others can learn. She actually answers emails and questions after you buy the book. As busy as she is she treats each one of her customers with respect. Holly Mann is genuine, she has already made her money and Honest Riches 3 is a testament to the fact that she wants to others to make their fortunes as well.

If you are looking for only one item to purchase in your search to make money online or work from home, then Honest Riches 3 [] will be the one. It is an excellent product, it will be worth every cent of your purchase!

ShoeMoney System Review – How Does ShoeMoney System Work?

Do you wish to learn how the ShoeMoney System really works? This new online money making course is definitely not a get rich quick scheme nor is it just another overhyped scam. Created by an experienced online marketer who has been making money for the last 5 years, Jeremy Schoemaker has decided to create and allow members to learn his 6 unique strategies of generating an income stream online through self created blogs and websites. All in all, this is a learning course that is based around the concept of using training videos which help beginners learn better and faster.

1. What Are Some Of The PPC Tools You Can Get From Signing Up With The ShoeMoney System?

If you are using pay per click strategies or you have always thought that they are too expensive and time consuming to manage for the average marketer, you will definitely want to try out the Ad Generator and Ad Manager provided by the owners of ShoeMoney System.

These 2 tools are great time savers that allow members to transfer advertisements from their Google AdWords accounts. They also help to produce advertisements for users based on the way others bid for their keywords. Other tools would include the social media and keyword generation software for setting up the online business systems.

2. Making ShoeMoney System Easier For Beginners to Get Started With

This training course is highly video based which has made it very easy for me to learn and copy the strategies step by step. Jeremy’s automation and research tools are a great asset to the members of this site. In fact, out of all the methods that Jeremy teaches, it is not necessary to implement all of the strategies in order to successfully create a full time income online.

Learning all the strategies and understanding the tools allows me to see all the possibilities that I can choose from, and eventually I would pick the options that are most suitable to my time commitment and money I can invest into it.

The Money Siphon System Review

If you are new to internet marketing or struggling to get going, Jonny Andrews “Money Siphon System 2.0” may be exactly what you need. In this Money Siphon System review we will take a look at what makes this product stand out from the competition and indeed the information covered in this product.

Getting started in internet marketing can be difficult, especially with so much information being thrown at you and that you have so much to learn. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of jumping from one idea to the next, experiencing failure after failure and become frustrated.

Jonny Andrews has been in that situation and understands the phenomenon of information overload all to well. In the Money Siphon System Jonny reveals real ways that you can easily get started making an income online. He doesn’t go out the to try and re-invent the wheel, but what he does do is provide everything you need to do to start making money within days of studying his course.

The Money Siphon System is divided into 5 key modules, each exploring a different technique for making money online. I like how Jonny Andrews has structured the package as it starts out with simple methods that are ideal for internet marketing newbies, and then works through to more advanced tactics such as Pay Per Click marketing.

Regardless of your financial situation and your knowledge of the internet, by following Jonny’s methods you will be able to start making money online. Jonny goes into detail to explain ways you can make money without a website, without any initial investment, without technical understanding and without a mailing list. Jonny explains how you can do this in what he titles “Module 0”.

In Module 1 you’ll learn how you can cash in on product launches. The techniques that Jonny uses to make sales for product launches are rock solid. Product Launches offer one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet.

Jonny then goes on to explain how to make money using Pay Per Click marketing. What I particularly like about this module is the fact that Jonny explains the types of keywords that are worth bidding on and those that you shouldn’t even look at. PPC marketing is often considered difficult to get into, if you use the methods taught in the Money Siphon System I think you’ll find it’s not so hard after all.

Another topic covered in detail in the Money Siphon System is CPA offers. CPA offers can be a very powerful way to make money and something that’s quite unique about them is that you actually don’t have to sell anything to anyone. CPA offers pay you for leads not sales making this a very interesting strategy indeed.

Finally, Jonny Andrews reveals which are the best niches to get into to start making money right away. He also gives you the exact keywords you need to succeed in these niches!

All said and done, the Money Siphon System does live up to the hype. It is a fantastic product that shares powerful techniques that really work. If you’re a newbie or struggling affiliate – buy this product. It will prove itself priceless time and time again.

Outstanding Headline Reaps In $300,000 Cash

Let me start by asking … “What did you think of the headline?” Well it must have been pretty enticing for you to be reading this article. True. Course it was! The key to writing a successful article is to first have someone actually read the article and you can only achieve that if your headline in enticing. If your article headline is boring or does not stand out then no one is going to want to read your article.

There are in fact three aspects of your article headline that you need to consider and they are –

1. The Headline Must Be Enticing

2. The Headline Must Be Descriptive

3. The Headline Must Be Believable

Aspect 1 – The Headline Must Be Enticing

Let me ask … “What was it that made that headline enticing to you?” Think about it really carefully. If we dissect this headline there are two components to it that would have attracted you. The first component was the fact that we are talking about a Headline that reaps $300,000 plus the added element of Cash.

The second element that would have attracted you as an article writer is that is says, “Outstanding Headline Reaps”. This particular headline I created was market focused because every professional article writer wants to write headlines for their articles that are going to get readers in and make them money.

When you are writing your own headlines, write five or six different versions of your headlines and get a few friends to pick which headline they are most likely to pickup and read. Further to that, the key to successful headline writing is to actually look at what other writers are using for their headlines and to learn from them. Look at what articles people are reading. Visit various Article Directories and find out what are the top viewed articles in the section you are writing for. Find out what their headlines are and what makes their headlines standout and then structure your own headlines along the same lines. NOTE: Do not copy their headlines though for two reasons. One is that you are breaching copyright laws which can lead you into a lot of legal trouble and two, people know when you are duplicating headlines and that devalues the quality of your article. People want to see unique articles and headlines not those ripped off from others. You are smart enough to create your own great headlines so do not steal from others.

Aspect 2 – The Headline Must Be Descriptive

The headline above could have been written in the following way “Headline Gets Lots of Business” or “Three Ways to make Your Headlines Effective.” Whilst each of those headlines would certainly get readers, the one above “Outstanding Headline Reaps In $300,000 Cash” will always pull in more simply because of its descriptive nature.

The first part of the headline, “Outstanding Headline” tells you that there is something special about the Headline. Because it did not tell you what the headline was, you are then intrigued to find out what the headline was. The word “Reaps” is really descriptive. When you imagine the word “reaps” you might think of Scrooge Mcduck sitting in his   money   vault  as the  money  comes in and he is sitting on the mountain of cash throwing it up into the air. The last really descriptive word is “Cash”. When we think of bringing in three hundred thousand dollars worth of business that is not the same as brining in three hundred thousand dollars of cash. The word “Cash” implies that you already have the money in your hot little hand and you can go out and spend it.

Notice a key thing about this headline is that it really does play on your imagination and your perceptions. That is why using lots of descriptive words in a headline will help people relate to what you are talking about and get you to read. 90% of the battle in copywriting or article writing is actually getting the person past the headline. Once you have done that, it is much easier to get them to buy or read your article.

Aspect 3 – The Headline Must Be Believable

One of the biggest mistakes that all writers make is to make outrageously crazy claims. In fact the more outrageous the more unlikely people will read your article. I had a colleague a few years ago who wanted to prove this point. He simply put an advert in the paper saying we were going to give anybody who rang him $50 cash. How many calls do you think he got?

Absolutely None!

Why because nobody believed anyone would be silly enough just to give you $50 cash however his offer was legitimate.

Let me give you another experience of my own. I developed a computer training course that I new would get people employed. The course went over three weeks and I new with 100% certainty that everyone who attended and followed our process would get a job. I even backed it up with a guarantee. My guarantee basically said that if you did not get a job within 4 weeks of finishing our course and passing all the exams, I would guarantee to give you a full time job.

Now if you saw that guarantee what would you think? Well to my surprise, I actually had no takers. All I had was employment agencies asking me what jobs I needed full. They totally missed the point in our program. I should say I was genuine about our program but nobody took it up simply because they thought it was a scam.

The one thing I learnt is that even if you are absolutely 100% genuine with your offer, if the believability factor in your headline is low, then people will not read your article. I could have easily in the headline above made ridiculous claims like “Outstanding headline reaps $40 billion dollars cash”. What would your reaction have been then? Yeah Right! Or What A Load of Rubbish.

I have seen many claims in article headlines, the key to all successful headlines is that in the headline their must be a backup or supporting evidence. For example, how many times on the internet do you read articles that say, “We have the Cure For Cancer?” Way to many, would you believe that headline. Course not, your instant reaction would be this is a scam. However, if you wrote a headline that said “Cure for Cancer Proven By {Substitute name Of University} University” then I could pretty much guarantee everyone would read that article. Simply because your claim was believable and backed up by a reputable organization, It has that believability factor.

Note well, I want to give you a bit of friendly advice. If you cannot back up your claim that the named university did not support your claim, then expect a visit from law enforcement authorities and you will most likely find yourself in court.

One thing I have learnt is that there is no magical skill for writing Fantastic, Great and Outstanding Headlines, it simply requires testing and measuring and learning what stimulates the reader. One of the key things you need to consider is that once you have written your articles go back to the article directories and see how many people actually read your articles. This will tell you just how successful you have been.

I have written many articles where the Headline I thought was incredibly weak but actually pulled larger reader numbers than the one I planned to pull big numbers. The bottom line is to test and measure all of your headlines, do not just submit your articles to article directories and forget about them. Go back and see the comments people have left the number of visitors and any ratings they may have given you. This information will tell you how to improve and more importantly what people want.

Online Affiliate Marketing Program: 5 Ways To Earn Money

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money on the Internet today for many reasons. There are numerous ways to earn money with an online affiliate marketing program.

In this article we will talk about 4 ways that people make money every day and so can you.

1. Google AdSense. With this business model you get paid when people click on ads. This is known as pay per click advertising and Google is the primary program you want to join.

They pay out hundreds of millions of dollars a year in commissions and do an excellent job of matching advertisers with the theme of Internet web pages.

2. Cost per action programs. Popular CPA networks you can join include Link Share, Commission Junction, Max Bounty, Offer Vault, and many others.

This is a good way to make money because you do not have to sell anything. You can find CPA offers to match with the theme of virtually any Internet business.

3. Sell affiliate products for a merchant. You can sell digital information products and find them in sites such as

You can also sell physical products and join affiliate programs for virtually any merchant and targeted niche that your business is in.

4. Join 2 tier affiliate programs. If you like working with people this is a good way to make money as an affiliate marketer.

2-tier affiliate programs pay you for commissions that you make, and they also pay you on sales made by people you recruit. People who are good at social networking do well in 2-tier affiliate programs.

This is similar to a network marketing business except you do not actually build a downline.You only make money on the sales of people that you personally recruit so it is to your advantage to work as closely with those new affiliate marketers as possible.

5. Start your affiliate program. If you have a product you would like to sell on the Internet starting your own program makes sense.

If you want to work at it you literally can build an affiliate army of thousands of people making sales for your product. However, there is another angle you can take.

Digital information is very popular right now on the Internet. You can create digital ebooks and sell them at

The advantage of going here is you immediately have access to thousands of affiliates who can sell your eBook for you. You also have the advantage of letting ClickBank keep track of all the sales and pay out the commissions which frees up your time to create more ebooks.

These are several ways to earn money with an online affiliate marketing program.

A Review of the Money Logic Income Opportunity

Money Logic is a financial company that offers membership to individuals seeking knowledge and resources to become debt free and gain financial independence through its products.

This company shows business owners and individuals alike the techniques that can be used to become debt free and create long term residual income for life.

They offer the Money Logic ML7 System, a seven step system that is comprehensive in debt management, reducing expenses, increase savings, increase income and much more.

Money Logic offers its members two optional ways to reduce and eliminate debt. The ML-7 Debt Roll Down System, speeds up a member’s debt payoff. This system allows members to take a few dollars every month, dramatically reducing the time it takes to pay off by conventional methods.

The second option they offer members for reducing debt is their credit counseling service. This service includes financial literacy materials so members can learn to better manage their money in the future. Members learn how to wave late fees and reduce their interest rates on existing loans and credit card bills.

They have also teamed up with CareOne Credit, a nationally known debt management service. This perk is also available to its members as an additional resource they can use to managing their debts, or becoming debt free.

Members are also able to reduce their expenses with the Moneylogic Shopping Center. Through the Moneylogic Shopping Center, members can realize discount savings on more than 15,000 brand name merchants and services for all their office and home needs. Members also are able to realize additional savings through a special program at

Money Logic provides its members with several innovative ways of increasing their savings in a variety of financial areas. From the Moneylogic-Sharebuilder Online Investment Service to enrolling in income building insurance, annuity policies for retirement, Money Logic provides several ways its members can increase their savings.

They also affords its members a unique way for them to purchase stock online. Because of their partnership with ShareBuilder, no account requirements or minimum investment terms have to be met by Money Logic members.

Using ShareBuilder, members can use this program for automatic stock investments, index funds and closed end bond funds without having to pay inactivity fees. Money Logic members also receive a $30.00 account bonus after their first security purchase.

They offer all of this to members as well as Member Assistance, Financial Helpline and their Tax Helpline. Members also have total access to Money Logic’s Resource Center, Legal Services and in depth Educational Center.

Members also are able to receive additional tax services at a discount from the JK Harris Company with over 450 locations nationwide.

Money Logic is a total financial package with more resources than anyone would expect a company to offer its members. There are many more perks that come with membership to members. They leave nothing to chance, giving all its members the resources, knowledge and ability to become financially independent and have a lifestyle most people only dream about.

5 Reasons I Am Buying And Storing Gold With Hard Assets Alliance

Hard Assets Alliance was formed in response to the current worldwide financial crisis that sees one country after another going bankrupt, one scandal starting before the last was even played out, and yet another futures broker stealing client monies resulting in almost all advisors now recommending buying gold to protect your wealth.

Gold and silver are the only forms of money that are not someone else’s liability, so I definitely want to have a strong allocation to precious metals.

While there is not a shortage of ways to buy and sell gold and other precious metals, even store them securely offshore, Hard Assets Alliance was formed to do a better job of delivering quality products and secure storage services to any size investor.

Here are 5 reasons why my next gold purchase will be through Hard Assets Alliance (HAA):

First, with HAA I have the option of having my gold, silver, platinum or palladium shipped directly to me to store close to hand, having it stored at one of two locations here in the United States or use one or more of several secure offshore gold storage vaults.

Second, the dealer network used by the alliance uses the latest in technology to have many dealers compete for my business getting me the best price on either the buy or sell side of the transaction; and it happens all in just seconds on their state of the art electronic trading platform.

Third, if I initially choose to have Hard Assets Alliance store my precious metals for me I can change my mind at any time and have my metals securely shipped to me promptly and at a reasonable cost.

Fourth, the vault storage options are more diverse than any other company I have seen. They offer multiple sites in the United States, the typical facilities in Europe, but also have a vault in Australia and will be using Singapore hopefully once the VAT is removed in Fall of 2012.

Fifth, the people who founded Hard Assets Alliance are well known, trusted financial newsletter advisors who I have read, followed and known for many years now. You have probably heard or subscribed to a few of them yourself: (Doug) Casey Research, (John) Mauldin Economics, Sovereign Society, Agora Financial and International Man are behind it already with more to come.

So while you may already think you have a precious metals allocation to your portfolio with such ETF’s as GLD for gold and SLV for silver, remember that those ETF’s are just paper, the backing of which has come into question already.

And even if the gold or silver does actually exist in those ETF’s like it is supposed to the method in which it is held leaves you open to counter party risk; that is the big watch phrase ever since the crash of 2008.